Copy/Pasting & Formatting Content

Copy/Pasting Content From Word

Many of us use Word (or similar word processing programs) to create content. Word is a great tool to for intra-office use and it works well in conjunction with other Microsoft Office programs. However, Word was never intended to be used to generate web pages or to be used in conjunction with a Content Management System such as RealtyNinja’s website editor. When you cut and paste, MS Word tries to preserve the style information contained in the original document. This style information causes problems because it (1) does not match the styles for the rest of your website and (2) it often contains information that interferes with how a browser should display your web page.

Copy/Pasting Content From Another Website

When you copy and paste content from an external website, it also copies the underlying code and visual styles. This can interfere with the code that your RealtyNinja website uses, and can cause display or saving issues.

Fortunately, this problem has a couple of easy fixes. Use any of the solutions below.

Solution 1: Use the “Paste Content” Button

When you're editing content, click where you want to insert your content, then click the "Paste" button. It's highlighted in the image above. Paste your content into the window that comes up and it will strip out any unwanted code that can cause issues. Once you've pasted in, you can use the editor as normal to re-format your content.

To use it, click “Edit This Page” then click into the area you want to put your content, then click this new “Paste” button. This will bring up a window that you can paste your content into. It will strip out any unwanted code that might cause issues.

Solution 2: Use Notepad

Copy/Paste your content into Notepad first, and then cut/paste it out of Notepad (or Text Edit on Mac) and then into your website when you're editing a page. This also removes any underlying formatting or code.

Solution 3: Use Hotkeys when Pasting

PC: Press Control + Shift + V to paste your content in without formatting

Mac: Press Command + Shift + V to paste your content in without formatting

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