Embedding A Mortgage Payment Calculator

NOTE: This page has instructions for agents using older themes (such as Shinobi, Element, Classic, etc.). If you are using a Katana theme (our newest theme platform) we automatically create a mortgage payment calculator on your website, as well as on all listings.

NOTE: We recommend that you upgrade your website to Katana for free.

By default, agents that signed up after December 2017 are all using a Katana theme. If you're not sure what theme your website is using you can always contact us at support@realtyninja.com.

All of the listings on your RealtyNinja website automatically have a "calculate mortgage" button, but if you want to create a standalone mortgage payment calculator on one of your pages, follow the steps below. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to http://www.ratehub.ca/mortgage-calculator-widget
  2. Choose your province and any other settings you wish via their form
  3. Copy the embed code they provide (HTML Snippet)
  4. Login to your website (yourwebsite.com/login)
  6. Go to the page you wish to edit
  8. Click into the area that you wish to embed the mortgage payment calculator
  9. Click the "Embed" icon
  10. Paste in the embed code you copied earlier
  11. Click "Embed This"
  12. Click SAVE THIS PAGE

The same steps above can be used for all embeddable mortgage calculators. We find the ones on Ratehub.ca to be the most useful and user-friendly, but here are some alternatives:


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