Exporting Your Historical Sold Listings From MLS Paragon (British Columbia)

In British Columbia, real estate website developers are specifically not given access to sold listing data which means that we cannot automatically import your sold listings. By following the guide below, we are able to import all of your historical sold listings in one go. This is the best possible solution we can offer without having access to the raw data.

Please follow each step very carefully, as a small mistake will result in unusable files.

Here are the steps required to export your sold listings from the BC MLS Paragon system, and to send them to us for your website:

Step 1: Login to http://bcres.paragonrels.com/ (BC Residential)

Step 2: Click Search > Inventory

Step 3: Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the "Status" field, and deselect everything EXCEPT 2 - Sold, which will automatically select both sub-options beneath it, then click Save. 

Step 4: The fifth customizable option from the top is "Selling / Listing", and there is a drop-down menu next to it. By default the drop-down option should say "Listed", but we want to change that. Change the option to "Listed or Sold", then click "Search" at the top right corner. 

Step 5: You should now be looking at a list of all your sold listings. Before we can export this list, we need to add a few additional fields to the search criteria. In order to get this process started, click the COG or Gear icon, just above where it says "DAYS ON MARKET" at the top of the page, then click Fields.

Step 6: A new lightbox is going to pop open once you click Fields, which shows you all of the available fields that you can add to your search (on the left) and all of the fields that are currently being reflected in your search (on the right). Between the right and left boxes, you have 6 options: Add, Remove, Remove All, Move Up, Move Down, and Sort. We're going to be using the "Add" function only. We will be using this pop up window to add the following fields to your search: Public Remarks, Sold Date, and Sold Price.

Scroll through the list on the left, find those three fields and place a checkmark in the radio button directly to the left of each of them. When you've checked all three, click "Add" in the middle and they will be added to the box on the right. Once you have done this, click Save at the top right of the pop up window.

**NOTE** The three options will not be right above one another, as I have depicted in the screenshot below. Sold Date and Sold Price are touching one another, but Public Remarks is a bit higher up (alphabetical order). I have chosen to show it this way to keep things as ninja as possible. 

Step 7: Now your data is ready to be exported. From the top of the search results, click the icon that looks like a green arrow pointing down into a box. That's the "Export" icon, and it's directly to the left of the COG icon you clicked in step 5. When you click the Export icon, from the resulting drop-down menu click "Export to CSV"

Step 8: A small lightbox prompt will pop-up. Leave everything as it is, and click "Export" at the top right. 

Step 9: The file you just Exported should be titled Firm_Inventory.csv, and should be saved directly to your Downloads Folder, unless you specified a different folder on your computer. E-mail the .CSV file you just downloaded to support@realtyninja.com and we will add them to your website.

Pretty simple, right? [-_-]~~

**NOTE** If the files you have downloaded are more than 10MB in size, please use this free service to send us large files: http://realtyninja.wetransfer.com

Also please note that it can take up to  5 business days for us to import your sold listing data once we have been provided with the files in the correct format.

Please feel free to  contact us if you have any questions on how to use this guide.

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