Using Listings-Only (IDX) Embeds with Squarespace Websites

This article is a continuation of our IDX Getting Started Guide. Please read that first, then read this if you're a Squarespace user.

First, You'll need to properly set your domain. Make sure that you've set the domain of your Squarespace website in the "Embed Domain" field in the backend of your RealtyNinja IDX account. You can find this under "Settings > General Settings".

Note that we already provide the "http://" part of the URL, so make sure you only input the domain after that point.

If you're using "http s://" you'll have to remove the "s" part of the URL. For example:  "".

Then continue with the following steps:

  1. In your RealtyNinja IDX account: Click MANAGE PAGES
  2. Click the "View Embed Code" icon next to the page or search you wish to embed
  3. COPY the embed code provided
  4. In Squarespace: go to the page you wish to use for your MLS search and edit it
  5. In their editor, mouse-over the area that you wish to place the embed and insert a "Code" block
  6. PASTE the embed code you copied earlier
  7. Choose "HTML" from the dropdown provided (don't check off "Display Source")
  8. Click APPLY
  9. LOG OUT of your Squarespace site and view the page you just edited (the embed will not display when you're logged in)

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