Using Listings-Only (IDX) Embeds with Wordpress Websites

This article is a continuation of our IDX Getting Started Guide. Please read that first, then read this if you're a Wordpress user.

First, You'll need to properly set your domain and follow . Make sure that you've set the domain of your Wordpress website in the "Embed Domain" field in the backend of your RealtyNinja IDX account. You can find this under "Settings > General Settings".

Note that we already provide the "http://" part of the URL, so make sure you only input the domain after that point. If you're using "http s://" you'll have to remove the "s" part of the URL.

Then continue with the following steps:

  1. In Wordpress, go to "Plugins > Add New > Search" and search for "Code Embed" by David Artiss > click Install on the right.
  2. To embed in a post/page you need to find the meta box under the post/page named "Custom Fields". (If this is missing you may need to add it by clicking on the "Screen Options" tab at the top)
  3. Now create a new custom field and give it the name "CODE1" (without quotes) and PASTE the embed code into the "value" field. Now hit save.
  4. Now, wherever you wish the code to appear in your post/page, type the following:

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