Adding A Live Twitter Widget To A Page

A live Twitter widget allows your website visitors to see your latest Twitter activity as well as follow you, right from your website.

Here's how to add one to any page on your own website:

  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. Navigate to your own profile or the specific Tweet you'd like to display
  3. Copy ⌘C the URL on the preferred page.
    1. For example, your profile URL is similar to:
    2. For example a specific Tweet URL would be similar to:
  4. In a new tab open this link:
  5. Paste ⌘V the URL of your Twitter profile or the specific Tweet where prompted (screenshot below)
  6. Press ENTER or click the arrow to load the feed
  7. Choose from the display options provided (screenshot below)
  8. Copy ⌘C the embed code that is automatically generated (screenshot below)
  9. Login to your RealtyNinja website (
  11. Click into the area you wish to insert the button
  12. Click the "Embed" button (screenshot below)
  13. Paste ⌘V in the embed code you copied earlier and click EMBED THIS
  14. Click SAVE THIS PAGE

Steps 5 through 8:

Step 11, Embed button:

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