Adding A Live Facebook Widget To A Page

A live Facebook widget allows your website visitors to see your latest Facebook activity as well as follow you, right from your website.

Here's how to add one to any page on your own website:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in the form provided and then click GET CODE
  4. They give you two codes. The first one goes under Custom Code in the backend of your website, under Custom Header Code. 
  5. Login to your website (
  6. Click SETTINGS
  7. Click CUSTOM CODE
  8. Copy and paste the first embed code under the Custom Header Code. 
  10. The second one goes where you would like to widget to appear.
  12. Click into the area you wish to insert the button
  13. Click the "Embed" button
  14. Paste in the embed code you copied earlier and click EMBED THIS
  15. Click SAVE THIS PAGE
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