Website migrations and 301 redirects

When migrating from an existing site to RealtyNinja it is common for the URL structure to change. For example, your old website might have had the active listings page at whereas your new RealtyNinja site has the active listings page at If anyone has the old URL bookmarked, when they try to access it on your new RealtyNinja site, they will get a page error because that link doesn't exist on your new site. This can also be an issue with google having indexed old URLs which no longer work properly and potentially hurting your search ranking.

To deal with this issue our team can set up a series of 301 redirects from the old URL structures to the new ones. This essentially tells browsers and search engines that the contact that used to exist at /featuredlistings.html has permanently been moved to /listings/active and redirects the request behind the scenes. 

If you or an SEO expert you are working with would like our team to setup 301 redirects for you, please download and fill out the below CSV spreadsheet and e-mail it to with the subject "List of required 301 redirects". Our team will review your request and provide you with a custom time and cost estimate for this service.

Link to CSV file

Please note that this is only an important step for large existing websites with lots of backlinks and solid search engine ranking.

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