Adding a Flipbook to your website

If you are interested in adding your Flipbook to your RealtyNinja website, please follow these instructions.

Go to the link below and enter the URL of your Flipbook and it will generate the embed code you need to add the book to your website

Adjust the book to your desired Width and Height

  1. Enter the URL of your flipbook
  2. Click "Responsive"
  3. Click "Generate Embed Code"

Adding the embed code to your website

  • Login to the backend of your RealtyNinja account
  • Click on the page where you would like to add the Flipbook
  • Click 'Edit this Page'
  • Click in the text box where you wish to display the Flipbook (full width section usually works best)
  • Click the 'Embed Icon' in the tool bar
  • Copy and Paste the embed code and click SAVE

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions

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