Adding Parallax Sections to Your Website

Use Parallax Sections to Bring Your Katana Site to Life.

How to create perfect Parallax sections on your Katana site! Visit The Dojo for a full description of what Parallax is and how to implement it on your site... or just watch the tutorial video below!

Step by Step Instructions for Creating Parallax Sections on your Katana Website

Step 1.) Login to your website, go to the page you want to add a Parallax section to

Step 2.) On that page, click "PAGE LAYOUT & WIDGETS"

Step 3.) From the list on the right, find the specific widget you'd like to apply a Parallax background to. Click the GEAR icon on that widget to access Widget Options. 

NOTE: In this example we're going to add Parallax to a Testimonials Slider Widget. You can add a Parallax effect to almost any widget.

Step 4.) Select a background photo either by clicking "Upload a new photo" if the file is on your hard drive, or by clicking "or choose from media library" if your image is already uploaded to your site. Select a background photo.

Step 5.) Once you've uploaded or chosen the background photo, check off the "Parallax effect on background image" check box. 

Step 6.) Click "Apply Changes" at the bottom of the popup to lock these changes in, and return to the "Page Layout & Widgets" popup. Click "Save Changes" to close that popup and return to the page.

Step 7.) That's it, your Parallax section is now live! Go scroll up and down past the live front-end widget on your website to see how it looks!

If you'd like any assistance creating Parallax sections on your own Katana website, give our support Ninjas a holler:

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