Updating Your Contact Information

Your contact information is displayed in various sections throughout your website. This includes your name, brokerage/office name and address, phone numbers, contact email and more.

For example, it appears in the "Quick Contact" section of most pages on your website, at the bottom of all listing pages next to the contact form, as well as inside the "Request Agent Contact" lightbox.

To change your contact information:

  • Login into your website (www.yourwebsite.com/login)
  • Click SETTINGS
  • Fill in the fields provided

Pay close attention to the field called "E-mail" as this can be set differently than your "Administration & Site Login E-Mail Address" which is under "General Settings". The one in "general settings" is the e-mail address you would like to use for administrative tasks such as billing and support e-mails, and site login. That will not be exposed to the public and will be kept private.

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