Emailing a Copy of Leads Generated From Your Website

NOTE: This page has instructions for agents using a Katana theme (our newest theme platform). If you are using our older themes (such as Shinobi, Element, Classic, etc.) this functionality is not available and we recommend that you upgrade your website to Katana for free.

By default, agents that signed up after December 2017 are all using a Katana theme. If you're not sure what theme your website is using you can always contact us at

This guide will show you how to automatically send a copy of all lead emails generated from your website to another email address (sent as BCC). This functionality is useful if want your assistant or another person on your team to receive a copy of all leads without having to display their email address on your public website.

Here's how:

  1. Login to your website
  2. Click SETTINGS
  3. Click LEADS
  4. Type in an e-mail address in the "Lead BCC Email" field
  5. click APPLY CHANGES

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