Integrating With Follow Up Boss (CRM)

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This guide will show you how to integrate your RealtyNinja website with your Follow Up Boss CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

1. Sign up for an account at if you haven't already. 

2. Sync your email account with Follow Up Boss. This is done automatically if you're using Gmail or Office 365. Continue to step 2 further down this page if you've synced your email, otherwise follow these additional steps:

  • Click "Admin" in Follow Up Boss.

  • Click "More", then click "API".

  • Click "Copy" beside "Lead Email Address"

  • In a separate browser tab, login to your RealtyNinja website (, Click "Settings" then click "Leads". Then click into the "Lead BCC Email" field and PASTE, then click "Apply Changes".

3. Now that your email has been connected to your Follow Up Boss account, you should do a little test to make sure everything is working. To do that, load up a listing on your own website and fill in the "Request More Info or a Showing" form with some test information, then click "Send Message". 

For this test I'm using the name "Stacey Johnson".

4. You should see a "success" message on the form that was submitted. This is what a potential buyer would see after submitting the form on your site.

5. Next, check your email to make sure you received the lead notification. You should see one email from RealtyNinja and one from Follow Up Boss.

6. Optional: If you've installed the Follow Up Boss on your smartphone and enabled notifications you should also receive a text message and/or an alert from the app.

7. Click the link in the lead email from Follow Up Boss or just login to your FUB account and you'll see the details of the lead.

8. Click into the name of the person to show the inquiry.

8. From here you can use the handy tools in Follow Up Boss to reply to the lead by email, by text, add notes, tasks, appointments, files, deals, background info, etc. You can also set automated rules for lead inquiries from your website. 

You'll also see these details in their awesome mobile app!

Please contact Follow Up Boss or read their documentation for details on how to best use their CRM. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to integrate your RealtyNinja website with their CRM.

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