Creating A Quick MLS® Search Bar

NOTE: This page has instructions for agents using a Katana theme (our newest theme platform). If you are using our older themes (such as Shinobi, Element, Classic, etc.) this functionality is not available and we recommend that you upgrade your website to Katana for free.

By default, agents that signed up after December 2017 are all using a Katana theme. If you're not sure what theme your website is using you can always contact us at

This guide will show you how to add a Quick MLS® Search widget to your website. It's useful when you want to provide a slimmed-down home search on a page (typically your homepage). 

It looks like this:


1. Login to your website (


3. Navigate to the page you wish to add the widget on, then click PAGE LAYOUT & WIDGETS

4. On the left you'll see a list of available widgets. Scroll down and find "Quick MLS Search", then click and drag it to the right pane and drop it in the order you wish for it to appear on your page.


Available Widget Options:

You have the ability to customize the Quick MLS® Search widget. In the PAGE LAYOUT & WIDGETS window, simply click the "Widget Options" icon to customize the widget.

By default, there will be a light grey background set on the widget and no pre-selected areas. You can change all that and more via the widget options.

Here's an example with a few areas pre-selected, the property type limited to "condos" and a different background colour set:

Please contact our support team If you would like to change the colour of the "Search" button and/or change the position of the widget beyond these options (for example having it overlap your tall header) as some custom code is required.

Changing the "Quick MLS® Search Results" page:

When you first add this widget to your website, it will automatically create a hidden page called "Quick MLS® Search Results" which you can access (and modify) via the MANAGE PAGES lightbox. Here's how:

1. Login to your website (



4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of pages on your website, then click the "Go To Page" icon.

5. Once you're on the page, click EDIT THIS PAGE and make any changes you need. Then click SAVE THIS PAGE when you're done.

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