Enabling Comments On Your Blog

NOTE: This page has instructions for agents using older themes (such as Shinobi, Element, Classic, etc.). If you are using a Katana theme (our newest theme platform) please click here to view separate instructions.

NOTE: We recommend that you upgrade your website to Katana for free.

By default, agents that signed up after December 2017 are all using a Katana theme. If you're not sure what theme your website is using you can always contact us at support@realtyninja.com.

You can allow your website visitors to comment on your blog posts through a free service called DISQUS.

To enable this feature, make sure your blog is activated then follow the steps below:

  • Sign up for a free DISQUS account by visiting https://disqus.com/admin/signup/
  • Fill in the required fields (site name, etc.)
  • When it asks for your platform, choose UNIVERSAL CODE (at the very bottom)

  • It will present you with an embed code, we don't need the full code.. we're just looking for one specific part called your "shortname". See the screenshot below for how to find your shortname. 

In this case, the shortname we're looking for would be "dream-home-agent".

  • COPY just your "shortname", or write it down somewhere as we will need it in the following steps
  • In a new browser tab, login to your website (yourwebsite.com/login)
  • Click SETTINGS
  • Type in (or paste) the shortname you copied earlier, into the BLOG COMMENTS field provided

  • If everything worked properly, you should now see a comments section at the bottom of all your blog posts. Make sure to click into an individual blog post to see it.

Note: You will be using DISQUS to moderate all your blog comments and they have extensive features for approving/rejecting comments, marking as spam, setting up notifications, etc

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