Hiding List Price on Sold Listings

Some real estate boards have restrictions on showing the list price and/or sold price for sold listings on your public website. If your board requires that the list price be hidden after a listing is sold (and buyers have taken possession) then you need to enable the setting called "Hide list price on sold listings" in the backend of your website. 

You can do that via these steps:

1. Login to your website (yourwebsite.com/login)

2. Click "Settings"

3. Scroll down in the main "General Settings" section, and enable the option called "Hide List Price On Sold Listings". It looks like this:

Once this setting is enabled, all sold listings on your website will not display the "list price". If you've set a sold price, it will display that.

4. Save your changes.

Also, depending on your board you may not be allowed to display the sold price until buyers have taken possession of the listing. If that is the case, please do not set the sold price on your listings until you are allowed to. Please make sure you follow the requirements of your board.

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