Adding The Meta (Facebook) Messenger Customer Chat Plugin On Your Website

This guide will explain how to add the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin to your RealtyNinja website. 

Note: This guide is technical. Please make sure you meet the prerequisites listed below. Contact our team if you need help!


  • If you haven't already, you need to create a Facebook Page. Click here to view instructions on
  • Remove country restrictions from your Facebook Page if they exist. Click here to view instructions on
  • Launch your RealtyNinja website onto a full domain name, and have HTTPS (SSL) enabled. Contact our team for help with this if its not done already.

Once you have met all of the items above, continue with the steps below:


For Page Admins, the Page settings also provides an easy setup tool for customizing your Chat Plugin. To use the setup tool, go to your Facebook Page and do the following:

  1. Make sure that you are already logged in as the Admin of your Facebook Page.
  2. Go to the Set up in the Chat Plugin Window
  3. Select Standard from the list

  4. The following options are self explanatory. The domain section is the important part, the plugin will not show if you leave it blank. Use the domain of your launched website.

  5. Click Copy Code or Email it to us and click Next.

    6. Click Finish on this last step. Copy the provided code and email it to Or you can circle the 'Email instructions to your developers and click finish.

    Feeling Ninja? add the code yourself.

    ADVANCED: Adding the code to your website backend

    1. Login to your website

    2. In the backend of your RealtyNinja website, go to "SETTINGS > Custom Code".

    3. Paste in the code you copied earlier into the box that says "Custom Body Code".

    If there are different existing codes already, you can just add it after the last line of the existing codes.

4. Scroll down and click APPLY CHANGES.

5. Log out of your RealtyNinja website and log out of Facebook. 

6. Visit your website and reload the homepage. You should now see the Messenger chat plugin.

Additional advanced options reference.

Note: You should consider setting up notifications on your mobile & in email for when customers message you, as well as downloading the Messenger App for your phone.

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