Using the Agents and Team Functionality

This guide will show you how to use the built-in team functionality on your website. You can add new agents, manage existing agents and display a showcase of your team on any page using these instructions. 


Add a New Agent

1. Login to your website (

2. Click the Agents tab in the navigation.

Optional: Add a new group of agents via the "Add Agent Group" button in the backend "Agents" tab.

3. Click "Add New Agent".

4. Add the agent's information by filling in the form provided (name, languages, bio, photo, etc.).

5. Click "Add New Agent" to save.

Edit an Existing Agent

1. Login to your website (

2. Click the Agents tab in the navigation.

3. Click the Edit button on the agent you'd like to update.

4. Make the changes.

5. Click "Update Agent" to save.

Add an Agents Widget To A Page On Your Website

1. Login to your website (

2. Click the "Edit My Website" in the navigation.

3. Click the "Manage Pages" button.

4. Locate the page you'd like to add the widget to, then click the Page Layout & Widgets button for that page.

5. Drag and Drop the Agent's widget from the box on the left to the box on the right. Place the widget in order where you'd like it to appear on the page.

6. Click "Save Changes".

7. Navigate to the page you added the widget, there it is!

Optional: If you'd like to make changes to the widgets appearance click the "Page Layout & Widgets" button, then on the Agent widget click the settings cog ⚙️.

Optional: If you would like the Agents widget to display agents from a particular group only, or from ALL groups, you can set that in the "Agents" widget options, under the "Agent Group" dropdown.

Demo Video

If you're new to using RealtyNinja we recommend watching this short video that will walk you through using the team features. Please don't hesitate to be in touch with the Support Ninjas with any questions!

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