User Registration & Account Functionality

This article explains how the user registration and account functionality works on your RealtyNinja website and how to enable it.



People browsing your website (potential home buyers/sellers) can register for a free account in order to:

Enabling Account Functionality On Your Website

  1. Login to your website (
  2. Click SETTINGS
  3. Scroll down to "Account Functionality" (in General Settings) and make sure it's enabled
  4. Optional: Set your account link location preference via the dropdown provided
  6. Logout

How Website Visitors Register & Log Into Accounts

Method 1) Via the dedicated ACCOUNT link.

Depending on your account link location preference you will see a new ACCOUNT link on your website (when logged out). This is typically either in the header area or in your navigation menu. 

In header area:

In navigation:

Clicking the ACCOUNT link brings up the registration and login lightbox. If the user already has an account they can login right away. If don't have an account they can quickly create one using the form provided.

Method 2) As website visitors browse your website they will be prompted to register for an account (or login to an existing account) when required. This happens when:

Once they confirm their email address, you'll get a lead notification letting you know that a new user has registered for an account on your website! You'll also get notified anytime they save a search and subscribe to email alerts (with all the criteria of what they're searching for).

How Website Visitors Can Use Account Functionality

Once logged in, website visitors can easily access their account dashboard via the dedicated ACCOUNT link.

From there, they can click into any of the links in the side navigation menu.

Saved MLS® Searches

This page will display all of the MLS® searches that have been saved. 

The user can see:

  • When the search was saved
  • All of the search criteria including area(s), property type, price range, beds, baths, etc.
  • A link to view search results (goes to an MLS® search with the criteria pre-set, and up-to-date results displayed underneath)
  • A link to enable/disable email alerts
  • A link to delete the saved search
  • The date of the last active MLS® listing that matches their criteria

Contact Information, Password, Logout and Delete Account

This let's them quickly update their contact information and password. They can also logout or completely delete their account.


I had a RealtyNinja website before this functionality was released and people were receiving email alerts on MLS® searches, will those continue to work?

Yes, old saved searches will continue to work like they always have and when someone with old saved searches tries to save a new search or signs up for an account, our system will automatically import their old saved searches and give them the ability to manage them in their account.

My ACCOUNT link doesn't look right, can I get a designers help to make it look better?

Some of our heavily customized websites may require a design adjustment if you choose to include the account link in your website header. Our design team is here to make sure your website looks just right, so if you notice any issues at all please get in touch and we'll fix it ASAP (for free).

As the website admin, will I be able to see who has registered for an account on my website?

You will receive a lead email anytime someone registers for an account on your website, and one each time someone saves an MLS® search (which includes their criteria). 

We recommend using a CRM to manage your leads. At the moment we don't have a lead dashboard for website admins, If you'd like to request a copy of recent lead emails please get in touch.

As the website admin, can I make changes to user accounts registered on my website?

Not at the moment, but our team is happy to help with any changes or information you require. Please get in touch.

Will there be more user account functionality in the future?

Yes! We have lots of great account functionality planned in our roadmap. Keep your eye on The Dojo for updates.

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