Duplicating (Cloning) A Page or Sub-page

How to duplicate (clone) a page or sub-page on your website

  1. Login to your website (yourwebsite.com/login)
  4. Click the "Clone Page" icon next to the page (or sub-page) you wish to clone

  5. A copy of the page will be made and placed directly underneath the original. Note that the new page will be hidden from your navigation menu by default (the lightbulb icon will be turned OFF). 

  6. Optional: To make the new page appear in your navigation menu click the lightbulb icon once to turn it ON, then click DONE. You'll then see that the new page has been added to your website.

  7. Optional: If you're not ready to add the new page to your navigation menu click the "Go To Page" icon to visit the page and work on it. 
    Once it's ready for your website users you can return to the "Manage Pages" lightbox and turn the lightbulb ON by clicking on it once.

  8. To rename the newly cloned page, click the "Page Options" icon, then type in a new name and click APPLY CHANGES.

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