RealtyNinja Social Media Listing Ads - Connecting Your Facebook Account

If it’s your first time using our ad service then we’ll need to connect to your Facebook Account in order to run the ads through your Facebook Page. This document will outline the steps required to do that.


Go to and log in.

If it loads your personal Facebook account, click on your profile picture (top right) and then click "See all profiles" then choose your Facebook business account.

Once you're in your Facebook business account, click on "Meta Business Suite". You can find a link to it on the left panel.

It's located here if you're looking at your feed:

Or here if you're looking at your page:

If you can't find the link to Meta Business Suite, try going here directly:

Once you're in Meta Business Suite, click on "Settings".

Then click "Partners"

Then click the "Add" button under the "Partner to share assets with" section.

It will ask for a "Partner business ID", enter in 915159498508720

Select your Facebook business page from the list provided (in the middle panel).

Then scroll down in the right panel and click on "Everything (except sensitive actions)" to enable it. Then click "Save Changes".

That's it!

We'll get a notification on our end that you've granted access, and we can move forward with your ad order.

If you have any questions please contact

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