Find Out Who Controls Your Domain (Your Domain Registrar)

Often times you have to figure out who hosts/controls your website domain, which is also known as your "Domain Registrar". Here is how you can easily find out:

  • First get the domain that is in question. For this SOP we will use '' as the example domain.
  • Go to
  • Type your domain in the top right search box labelled "WHOIS LOOKUP" and do a search.
  • You will see a bunch of data about the domain. This is called the "Whois information" (screenshot below).
  • From this data, record the REGISTRAR name and if present, the RESELLER name or link (screenshot below).
  • Find your login details for your Registrar or Reseller (if present) and make sure you can log into them. If you can't work on resetting your password and getting access.
  • Record this information for your own records and provide it when filling out our setup form or to our support team if they have requested it.

Using the below screenshot as an example, here are the values you are looking for:

Because there is a Reseller, this is your actual domain registrar. In this example, you would not record or send us because is what you are looking for.

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