Your Sold Listings When Representing A Buyer

If you're working with a buyer and would like to showcase the listing they purchased in the "Sold Listings" section of your website (once it sells) then this guide is for you.

The real estate boards restrict access to sold listing data for all web providers in Canada. And because the "Selling Agent" (the agent that represented the buyer in the transaction) is not known until a listing is sold, we are not able to automatically mark these listings as sold. 

Our Solution

We have implemented a button in the backend of your RealtyNinja website (in any of the sections under LISTINGS) to mark listings where you're actively working with the buyer on the purchase of their new home. The button is called "WORKING WITH BUYER" and it tells our system NOT to remove the listing when it goes off the market. See the steps below for how to mark these particular listings as SOLD.

NOTE: This method only works while the listing in question is still "Active". If a listing is no longer active, we cannot perform this action on it as the real estate board removes it from our data feed as soon as it goes off the market.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:
While you are working with the buyer and while the listing is still active, login to your website and click LISTINGS at the top, then import the listing via it's MLS number (in the box provided).

Step 2: Click the "WORKING WITH BUYER" button on the listing. It looks like this:

Step 3: Once the listing is no longer active, our system will automatically email you and ask if you've sold it. If you have sold it, click the link in your email (or click on LISTINGS > INACTIVE LISTINGS in the backend of your site) and then click "MARK AS SOLD" on the listing. It looks like this:

That's it! The listing will now been moved the "Solds" section of your website and backend.

These particular listings will have a label that says "Represented Buyer" in the Sold Listings section of the backend of your site.

When people view the sold listing on your website, there will also be a note that says "Represented the buyer on this transaction" as per board rules.

Attention (EREB) Edmonton Real Estate Board Agents

EREB has changed their data policy for ALL 3rd parties (not just RealtyNinja). They are no longer allowing us to keep your sold listing data in our system. Once a listing's status has been changed to SOLD on MLS®, we MUST completely delete it from our system, and the client (you) needs to  manually re-add the sold listing afterwards. As part of our third-party data agreement with EREB we are required to follow this rule and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. 

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