Exporting Your Historical Sold Listings From MLXChange

*** Notice: MLXChange has been replaced by Paragon. Please click here to view our guide on how to export sold listings from Paragon.

In Canada, real estate website developers are specifically not given access to sold listing data which means that we cannot automatically import your sold listings. By following the guide below, we are able to import all of your historical sold listings in one go. This is the best possible solution we can offer without having access to the raw data. 

Please follow each step very carefully, as a small mistake will result in unusable files.

Having said all of that, here are the steps required to export your sold listings from MLXchange and send them to us for your website:

Note: For some reason, MLXchange only works in Internet Explorer.. so load that up first before starting this guide.

1. Login to MLXChange (BC Residential)


2. Search > Cross Property > XPROP Quick Search

3. Click "Add More Search Criteria" at bottom left of page

4. Choose List Realtor 1 ID from the first dropdown

5. Choose "My Self" from the second drop down...

6. Then click the "Add" button on the far right.

7. Set status to "Sold (S)". and unselect "Active (A)" by clicking it

8. Open the "Area" drop down and select the first item (Bowen Island).

9. Now scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the last item (BCNREB) while holding shift. This will select all items in the list.

10. Now do the same with Sub-Area/Community by selecting the first item (Abbotsford East) and then the last item while holding shift (South Blackburn).

11. Now click the green "Results" button to get your search results.

12. Wait for it to load the results.

13. Click the column manager symbol beside the "Columns" dropdown above the results.

14. You will get a popup. You now have to create a new column report so click "Create new column report"

15. Name your column report "solds"

16. Select the first item in the list. Now scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the last item while holding shift. This will select all items in the list.

17. Now click the right arrow beside the list you just selected (>)

18. Hit save

19. Wait for it to save.

20. Choose the column report you just made (solds) and hit "done" This can take a while..

21. Choose "Export Data" from Action drop down in bottom left corner and hit the arrow.

22. Choose all records, Comma Delimited

23. Hit next

24. Choose the export grid type you just created (solds)

25. This is a very important step:  Check, "Include column headers", hit next and save data.

26. This will bring up a download file dialog, save the file to your computer.

Please note that each browser will prompt in a different way to save the data. What you need to do is save the file to the desktop.

Exporting Images

Unfortunately, the ability to export images for your sold listings has been removed from MLXChange by GVR. They have stated that it was removed due to complaints from members about other members using their photos. I have been told to request that complaints be sent to iabbott@rebgv.org. If they receive enough complaints, maybe they will do something to make it so that we can bulk import photos again. We are very sorry for this; it is completely out of our hands.

If you are part of GVR, please skip these steps and keep reading. It is important that you read until the end of this document as there are still steps you need to take.

27. Now hit Back

28. Choose " Export Image" from the actions drop down and hit the arrow.

29. Select " all records" and hit next. Wait a while while it does what it has to do.

30. Save the file to your computer when it asks you to download it.

Follow the optional steps below if they apply to you, if not, please continue past the optional steps below. We're almost done.


If you have past sales where you are co-listed as "Agent 2" or "Agent 3" on the listing, you need to repeat the steps above but choose "List Realtor 2 ID" and then repeat as "List Realtor 3 ID" from the "Add More Search Criteria" dropdown in step 3.

(Note: On step 15 the second time, we suggest you name your column report "solds2" and then "solds3" to keep track of your results.)


Repeat the guide and replace Step 4 with "Sell Realtor 1 ID, Sell Realtor 2 ID, or Sell Realtor 3 ID" from the dropdown provided.

Final Step:

31. E-mail support@realtyninja.com all the files you just downloaded and we will add them to your website.

NOTE: If the files you have downloaded are more than 10MB in size, please use this free service to send us large files http://realtyninja.wetransfer.com

Also please note that it can take up to 5 business days for us to import your sold listing data once we have been provided with the files in the correct format.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to use this guide.

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