Tracking How Many Visits A Specific Page Or Listing Is Getting

If you want to find out how many visits a specific page or listing is getting, you can easily do so with Google Analytics. The first thing you want to do is get the base URL for the page or listing you are trying to track. For example, if the link to the listing is:

The piece your need for the next steps is this:

  • /listings/view/27752

Once you have this information and you have logged into your analytics account, you want to set the date range that you are interested in. Once this is done go to the "Behavior > Site Content > All Pages" section and enter the base URL you just retrieved into the search box. After you hit enter, you should see the info you need. Screenshots below.

What you see when you first login:

Set the date range and go to the Behavior > Site Content > All Pages section:

Enter the URL into the search box and get the information you are looking for:

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