Setting Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you find lots of valuable insight from your website traffic. For example, it can show you how many users are on your site each day, how long they stay, which pages are most popular, and other useful info such as if they came from a referring website or directly, etc. 

Note: Google Analytics only works for websites that have been launched onto a full domain name (ex:, as apposed to So wait for your site to be fully launched before setting Google Analytics up.

Our team can help setup Google Analytics for you and all we need to do this is the e-mail/password for a Google account that you own. This could be a gmail account or a Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) e-mail account, but we need it to be able to properly setup Google Analytics for you. All you need to do is e-mail with the account details (confirm they work by logging into gmail before sending) and a quick note saying that you would like us to set GA up for you.

If you'd prefer to sign up on your own and integrate it with your new website, please follow the instructions below:

Note: Google often changes their interface, so the screenshots below may be out of date but the steps should generally be the same.

1. Go to and click CREATE AN ACCOUNT

2. Use an existing google account (gmail, google workspace, etc) to log in or create a new one for this purpose.

3. On this next screen, click SIGN UP.

4. Fill in the sign up form as required and click "Get Tracking ID".


  • Choose "Website" when asked what you would like to track
  • Account Name - Enter your name or your companies name here as you can track multiple websites under single account. This detail is not really that important, so don't agonize over it.
  • Website Name - Enter your websites address so you can easily identify what site you are looking at. 
  • Website URL - Enter your websites exact address so that it knows what site to track. If your website is secured with SSL then choose "https://" from the dropdown, then type in your website URL (such as
  • Industry Category - This is optional but you should choose "Real Estate"
  • Reporting Time Zone - Choose whichever timezone you are primarily in
  • Data Sharing Settings - Leave everything checked except for "Anonymously with Google and others"
  • Agree to the Terms of Service agreement and make sure to choose the country you reside in 

5. Copy the entire code snippet provided in the box under "This is your tracking code..."

6. With your tracking ID in hand, follow the steps below to install the tracking code on your website.

Installing The Tracking Code On Your Website

1. Login to your website (

2. Click SETTINGS > Custom Code

3. Paste the Tracking Code into the appropriate "custom code" setting and save it. Read the instructions of the code snippet provided by Google. It will tell you where the snippet should be placed. For example:

  • If it says "before the closing HEAD tag" (or in the HEAD tag) then paste it in the "Custom Header Code" field.
  • If it says "after the opening BODY tag" then paste it in the "Custom Body Code" field.
  • If it says "before the closing BODY tag" then paste it in the "Custom Footer Code" field.

Accessing Your Google Analytics Account

Check out this article for instructions on how to access and view your analytics:

Changing the Protocol of Your Site from HTTP to HTTPS in Google Analytics

If your website is currently set to the non-secure version (HTTP) in Google Analytics and you wish to set it to the secure version (HTTPS) please follow the steps below.

1. Go to and go to the existing Google Analytics Property you’d like to change the protocol for to SSL/HTTPS.

2. Click on the "ADMIN" label on the main menu.


4. Under Default URL change the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.

5. Click Save.

Other Notes:

Notes: Google Analytics will only track data from the day it was initially set up on your website. You won't be able to see historical data before that point. Reports are shown with a 1 day delay by default. Check your Google Analytics reports at least 24 hours after you've initially set up the tracking code.

Also note: Sometimes Google may tell you that your domain/tracking is not yet verified - if this happens, please wait 1-2 hours and check again, as this procedure may take some time.

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