Exporting Your Historical Sold Listings From Calgary MLS (CREB)

If your system is using Pillar9, you can follow this updated guide.

Exporting Your Historical Sold Listings From Pillar9


NOTE: THIS GUIDE MAY BE OUT OF DATE NOW THAT CREB HAS TRANSITIONED TO THE NEW PILLAR9 MLS PLATFORM. If you're a Calgary customer and would like us to create a guide for Pillar9, please contact us. Thank you!

Here are the steps required to export your sold listings from the Calgary MLS system, and to send them to us for your website:

Step 1: go to http://matrix.crebtools.com/ and login with your username and password



NOTE: Before we jump into Step 2 and beyond, you need to create a "CUSTOM EXPORT" filter, that you will apply to the export process later on. Follow steps A - G below, then continue to Step 2.

Step A) Scroll over "My Matrix" at the top, and click "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

Step B) Click the "Custom Exports" heading (2nd to last one on the list)

Step C) On the next page (Manage Custom Exports), click "Add Export" from the right side of the box. 

Step D) On the next page you will see a list of Available Fields on the left, and an empty box on the right. Before you do anything, name your Export "Historical Solds" or something you'll remember. 

Step E) After naming your Export, time to move your attention to the boxes below. There are dozens of items in the list on the left. You need to add 33 of those items to the box on the right. You do so by typing in each of these 33 items in the "Search:" box under the left list of "Available Fields." When the item you're looking for shows up, click it to select it, then click the "Add ->" button in between both boxes. This will add your selected item to the list on the right (Export Fields.) You need to do this 33 times and add each of these items from the list on the left to the list on the right. 

The 33 items you need to move over are listed underneath this helpful screenshot:

  1. MLS® Number
  2. Area
  3. Community
  4. List Price
  5. Sold Price
  6. Property Type
  7. LP Sqft
  8. SP Sqft
  9. Beds total
  10. Baths total
  11. Yr Built
  12. Listing firm 1 ID
  13. Listing firm 2 ID
  14. Selling firm 1 ID
  15. Selling firm 2 ID (there is a duplicate, add both)
  16. Lot Sq Metres
  17. Building type (there is a duplicate, add both)
  18. Street type
  19. Listing firm 1 Name
  20. Sold Date
  21. Postal Code
  22. Public Remarks
  23. Internet Remarks
  24. Listing Realtor 1 ID
  25. Listing Realtor 2 ID
  26. Selling Realtor 1 ID
  27. Selling Realtor 2 ID
  28. Photo Count
  29. Street Name
  30. Street Dir Suffix
  31. Street Number
  32. Unit Number
  33. Title to Land

Step F) Make sure that next to "Include Column Names:" you have checked the "Name" radio button, and next to "Separator:" you have checked "Comma." See the screenshot above the list for visual aid. Once you've named your export, added all 33 items to the right box, and checked the correct radio buttons, click "Save" at the bottom.

Step G) You will have returned to the "Manage Custom Exports" page, and you will now see the new export you just created in the list! Hooray! Half the work is done. Click "Done" at the bottom, and then follow along from Step 2 below.



Step 2: Now that you've finished setting up your Custom Export, look to the top of the page, scroll over "My Matrix" and click "My Listings"

Step 3: Using the dropdown menu at the very top of the page, select "My Sold Listings"

Step 4: A bit to the right of the dropdown menu you just used in Step 3, there is a little magnifying glass icon with a link next to it that says "Click here to run this as a Full Search" <-- Click that!

Step 5: Once the next page has loaded, click the little box in the top left cell of the table to select every listing all at once.

Step 6: Once you've selected all of your sold listings, click the "Export" button underneath the table.

Step 7: From the next screen, you will be prompted to select an "Export file format" from a dropdown menu. Click the dropdown menu and select the one you created just after Step 1 above! It should be called "Historical Solds". 

Once you select that Export from the dropdown, just click the "Export" button to the right of it to download your sold listings in a CSV file.

Step 8: The file you just Exported should be titled Historical Solds.CSV, and should be saved directly to your Downloads Folder, unless you specified a different folder on your computer. E-mail the .CSV file you just downloaded to support@realtyninja.com and we will add them to your website.

Not too hard, right!? [-_-]~~~

**NOTE** If the files you have downloaded are more than 10MB in size, please use this free service to send us large files:  http://realtyninja.wetransfer.com

Also please note that it can take up to    5 business days for us to import your sold listing data once we have been provided with the files in the correct format.

Please feel free to   contact us if you have any questions on how to use this guide.

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