Updating Listing Information (such as price)

All of the active listings on your website automatically load-in, and update themselves (with changes from the MLS) multiple times per day, if you have this setting turned on (found in Settings > General Settings):

Note: This setting is turned ON by default on all websites.

You'll also need to make sure you've properly provided your Agent ID (also known as your Paragon username, member code, etc.) which can be found in "Settings > Site Contact Info" in the backend of your website.

Editing listing information (such as price) for listings that were automatically loaded onto your website:

Updating core listing information (such as price, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, sqft, etc.) should all be done on your MLS software (Paragon, MLXchange, etc.) and our system will automatically reflect those changes after our next MLS data update, which happens multiple times per day.

Enhancing your own listings:

If you wish to enhance your own listings, beyond the data on MLS (for example: more photos, higher resolution photos, longer descriptions, tours, videos, PDF's and more) please click here for instructions.

Manually managing all your listings:

If you wish to manually manage all your listings (and not use the auto-update) you can find instructions here.

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