Adding Rental Listings To Your Website

This guide will show you how to manually add and manage rental listings on your website.

NOTE: Rental data is not automatically imported from the MLS for any of the boards in Canada. All rental data must be manually added and managed.

The instructions on this page will show you how to add active rental listings to your "Featured Listings" page by default. You may want to have a separate page and custom group for available rentals. If that's the case, you should follow this guide on how to create listing groups and pages on your website, then continue with the instructions below.


1. Login to your website (



4. Choose "For Rent" in the "Listing Type" dropdown. This will swap all the fields in the form to rental-specific ones. 

5. Choose a rental status. "Available" is chosen by default.

6. Complete the rest of the form with as much information as you have (details, photos, files, etc.)

7. Click ADD LISTING when you're done.

Marking rental listings as "rented".

1. Login to your website (


3. Click the "Mark Rented" button next to the listing you wish to mark as rented.

4. The listing will be moved to the "Rented Listings" section in the backend of your website.

Rented listings do not automatically appear on your website. If you wish to display them on a widget in your website, you'll have to create a "custom listing group" and choose "Rented" as the listings to display in your widget.

If the listing becomes available, click on the "Mark Avail. For Rent" button and it will go back to the Featured Listings section, or the group it was originally a part of.

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