Adding A Form

Your RealtyNinja website is equipped with several lead capture tools, the most common and diverse being forms! Forms are wonderful lead capture tools because they get you directly in touch with the leads which are most likely to become clients. We know this because they've invested in you already by giving you their contact information. Learn more about forms on your website and how to use them here.


Types of Forms

Contact Form
Sellers & Free Home Evaluation Form

Buyers Form

Listing Information & Showing Request Forms

Add a Form

Here is a video demonstrating how to add a form to any page of your website, and how to select which form type is displayed:


Where do form submissions go? How do I receive the lead?

Form submissions from your website are sent to the contact e-mail on your website. The e-mail will include all of the information provided and come from (add us to your contacts to never miss a lead)!

How do I automatically forward form submission leads to my CRM?

Your RealtyNinja website can be integrated directly to many popular real estate CRMs, so that form submissions are automatically added to your CRM. Instructions can be found here: CRM Intregration Guides

Can forms be customized?

No, the form fields shown in this document cannot be edited because they are hard coded into the site. However see below for more options..

Are there any third-party custom form tools available?

Yes, there are several options for third-party custom forms. We recommend using Wufoo. Here is how to apply a custom form to your site: Embedding a Third-Party Form

If you have questions about adding a custom form please be in touch with the Ninjas with details about the form you are hoping to display on your site at

Is there a contact information widget so people can reach me directly?

Yes, use the Quick Contact widget. To add a Quick Contact widget instead, simply drag the Quick Contact widget rather than the Form widget and drop it into place. It looks like this, but can be customized by the Design Ninjas too:

What other lead capture tools are on RealtyNinja?

In addition to forms website visitors can also subscribe to e-mail alerts, which is available on all MLS searches. More information regarding lead capture is here: Lead Capture Tools on RealtyNinja

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