Adding Your Historical Sold Listings to Your Website

In Canada, real estate website developers are specifically not given access to sold listing data which means that we cannot automatically import your historical sold listings. We are able to track active listings that have been sold from the time you signed up for a RealtyNinja website, but are not able to automatically import historical solds from before you had your RealtyNinja website. We wish this was not the case, but the boards simply do not provide us with historical sold listing data.

What we are able to do is bulk import your historical solds based on data that you can export from your boards listing management system. We have created guides that you can follow below to generate the file that we need to get all of your historical solds into your RealtyNinja website. Unfortunately it is not a fully automatic process as you have to go through a number of steps to export the file, but it is the best possible solution we can offer without having access to the raw data from the boards.

If you have sold a bunch of listings over the years and want to make sure they are appearing on your RealtyNinja site, follow the steps in one of the guides below. 

These guides were created for the different MLS systems across Canada (Paragon, Matrix, etc.), and they show you (with screenshots) how to export ALL of your historical sold listings from MLS into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. Once you have this file, send them to us and let us Ninjas do our thing.

We have tried to make the steps as clear as possible, but as you are aware, the listing management systems can be a tad confusing. Please follow them exactly to ensure that your data is exported correctly, and if you get stuck or are not sure how to continue, please let us know and we will do our best to help you and update the guides to make them more clear. If you do not see your board in the list below, please contact us and we will work with you to create a guide for your system and add it to the list. 

Begin by selecting your MLS below:

NOTE: If you do not see your MLS listed above but your board uses the Paragon or Matrix systems, you should be able to loosely follow one of the guides above. If that is not possible please refer to the instructions below for DDF users as your situation is similar.

Attention DDF Users

Because DDF covers dozens of real estate boards and they all have different listing systems, it is not possible for us to create a guide for each specific board. Your board might use a system based on Paragon or Matrix, in which case you can use one of the above guides as a general overview of what you need to do. Essentially we need a CSV export of all of your sold listings with as much listing detail (price, sqft, area, subarea, description, property type etc.) as possible. If you are not able to figure it out or get stuck, contact your local board and ask them this:

  • Can you please send me a CSV export of all of my sold listings with as much listing detail (price, sqft, area, subarea, description, property type etc.) as possible.

Once you have this file, please send it to with a link to your site and a note that you would like us to import your sold listings.

Attention (EREB) Edmonton Real Estate Board Agents

EREB has changed their data policy for ALL 3rd parties (not just RealtyNinja). They are no longer allowing us to keep your sold listing data in our system. Once a listing's status has been changed to SOLD on MLS®, we MUST completely delete it from our system, and the client (you) needs to  manually re-add the sold listing afterwards. As part of our third-party data agreement with EREB we are required to follow this rule and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. 

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