Exporting Your Historical Sold Listings From Matrix MLS (OMREB)

In British Columbia, real estate website developers are specifically not given access to sold listing data which means that we cannot automatically import your sold listings. By following the guide below, we are able to import all of your historical sold listings in one go. This is the best possible solution we can offer without having access to the raw data.

⚠️ Proceed Carefully

Please follow each step very carefully, as a small mistake will result in unusable files

Here are the steps required to export your sold listings from the OMREB MLS system powered by Matrix, and to send them to us for your website:

Here's the summary of our Guide divided into three parts. Kindly check the yellow highlights for key points on the guide.

Part 1: Creating a custom template for exporting the Solds

Log into Okanagan Mainline Matrix: https://idp.interiorbc.ca/idp/Authn/UserPassword

A) Click on the Matrix button to open your my matrix page.

B) In the Matrix page, Click your name at the top right corner and from the drop down click Settings

C) Click the "Custom Exports" heading (at the bottom part)

D) On the page (Manage Custom Exports), click "Add Export" from the right side of the box.

E) On the next page you will see a list of Available Fields on the left, and an empty box on the right. Before you do anything, name your Export "Historical Solds" or something you'll remember.

F) You need to add 22 of the items on the left to the box on the right. You do so by typing in each of these 22 items in the "Search:" box under the left list of "Available Fields." When the item you're looking for shows up, click it to select it, then click the "Add->" button in between both boxes. This will add your selected item to the list on the right (Export Fields.) You need to do this 22 times and add each of these items from the list on the left to the list on the right. 

The 22 items you need to move over are listed underneath the following animation:

  1. Beds
  2. City
  3. CO-Listing Office Name
  4. Finished Floor Area - Total
  5. Latitude
  6. Listed Date
  7. Listing Price
  8. Longitude
  9. Property Type
  10. Remarks for Internet
  11. Sold Date
  12. Sold Price
  13. Street Direction
  14. Street Name
  15. Street Number
  16. Street Suffix
  17. Sub-Area
  18. Total Baths
  19. Type of Dwelling
  20. Unit #
  21. Year Built
  22. Listing Number

F) Make sure that next to "Include Column Names:" you have ☑️ the "Name" radio button, and next to "Separator:" you have ☑️ "Comma." See the animation above for visual aid. Once you've named your export, added all 22 items to the right box, and checked the correct radio buttons,

This would be the final look once you're done adding the export fields.

G) click "Save" at the bottom.

You're Done with the First Part (This was the hardest so horaaaay!!)

Part 2: Generate your Sold listings

Generate your sold properties using the Matrix Search

From the top of the page, scroll over "Search", select Residential and from the side-menu click "Quick" to move to the next page.

B) On this page, you will see a whole bunch of search criteria.
Only Check the Sold box then erase the default value of (0-180). This means we are generating all of your sold listings, not from the past 6 months.

C) At the lower part of this same page fill the Listing Agent Code with your agent ID or Username. The you will notice that the number will change to your actual solds since you filtered it to your ID. (On this guide it shows 78 Matches)

D) Finally, click the Results button to see the actual sold listing data then proceed to last part of the guide.

Part 3: Exporting your Sold listings using the Custom Template

A) Once you've reviewed the information, Select All of the listings by ticking the check mark in header.

B) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Export" from the small menu on the bottom left.

C) In this export page, select the export template we created earlier. In the guide we called it "Historical Solds". I hope you remember your template earlier.
Then just click Export.

D) Finally chose your download folder and save the exported .CSV file.

Send the Exported File to the Ninjas

The file you just Exported should be titled Historical Solds.CSV, and should be saved directly to your Downloads Folder, unless you specified a different folder on your computer. E-mail the .CSV file you just downloaded to support@realtyninja.com and we will add them to your website.

* *NOTE** If the files you have downloaded are more than 10MB in size, please use this free service to send us large files:  http://realtyninja.wetransfer.com

Also please note that it can take up to   5 business days for us to import your sold listing data once we have been provided with the files in the correct format.

Please feel free to  contact us if you have any questions on how to use this guide.

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