Lead Capture Tools on Your RealtyNinja Website

Lead capture is most likely one of the top reasons that you have a website as a real estate agent. Lucky for you we've built-in many lead capture tools to help you take the first step in turning website visitors into clients. Lead capture tools create opportunities for site visitors to reach out to you, which means that they've already invested in your business by giving you their information. Having a website that offers a lot of opportunities and encourages visitors to reach out to you is the best way to turn website visitors into leads.



Forms are wonderful lead capture tools because they get you directly in touch with the leads which are most likely to become clients. We know this because they've invested in you already by giving you their contact information.

Learn more about forms and how to use them here: How to Add a Form
Note that your website most likely already has a bunch of forms in various places (listing inquiries, buyer forms, seller forms, contact forms, etc.)

Subscribe to MLS E-mail Alerts

Website visitors can save MLS searches and subscribe to daily email updates. For example, they could subscribe to a niche search for 2 bedroom condos in Yaletown to receive e-mail alerts when new listings matching their search are added to the MLS. In that e-mail alert they will be directed to view the new listing on your website! You'll also have access to their contact information.

Here is what it looks like for the website visitor:

🥋 Sensei Says: Try going to your own website (works on trial sites too!) and subscribing to e-mail alerts for any MLS search, so that you can see what the emails look like. You can always unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the e-mails.

VOW (Virtual Office Websites) & Sold Listing Searches

If your board is supported, then a great way to capture leads is through a VOW (Virtual Office Website). A VOW (Virtual Office Website) is when a real estate website offers consumers (ie: potential home buyers) the ability to create a password-protected account in order to view additional listings, additional listing data and search historical sales on the MLS®

Click here for more information about this functionality and to see if your board is supported.

Landing Pages

Landing pages, also sometimes called squeeze pages or hotsheets, are the ideal way to capture leads for ad or marketing campaigns. It is important that you direct traffic to landing pages as they won't generate leads on their own, and to add a lead capture tool like a form on the landing page.

The best news is that you can create an unlimited number of landing pages on your RealtyNinja website and turn any page on your website into a landing page instantly. Here is how: How to Add a Landing Page on RealtyNinja

To learn more about landing pages and how to build a powerful one, read more here on The Dojo: Real Estate Landing Pages are Easier Than Ever

Want to a Design Ninja's touch on your landing page to make it shine? Browse options starting at $150CAD or submit a custom request here: Landing Page Design Services

Third-party Lead Capture Tools

There are many third-party websites and services available online that provide the ability to capture contact info. You may already be using such a service!


If you're using MailChimp to manage your newsletters then you can embed their lead capture forms right onto your RealtyNinja website. This will add subscribers directly to your MailChimp e-mail list!

First, visit Mailchimp's guide to set up the form found here: https://mailchimp.com/features/custom-forms/

Here are a few helpful Mailchimp resources:

Then, simply e-mail your embed code and the exact webpage location for the form to the Ninjas at support@realtyninja.com


If you aren't already using a service like Mailchimp, then we recommend using Wufoo forms for custom forms.

First, setup the custom form in Wufoo by starting here: https://secure.wufoo.com/form-builder/

Then, use this guide to apply the custom form to your site: Embedding a Third-Party Form or simply e-mail your embed code and the exact webpage location for the form to the Ninjas at support@realtyninja.com

Live chat and other third-party widgets

You can install any third party widget onto your RealtyNinja website, and many of them come equipped with lead capture capabilities. For example a live chat system. 

First, setup the live chat account with your preferred provider.

Then, use this guide to add the live chat widget to your website How to Setup a Live Chat Widget or simply e-mail your embed code to the Ninjas at support@realtyninja.com

🥋 Sensei Says: Check the RealtyNinja Marketplace for deals on live chat services!


What is the difference between lead capture and lead generation?

Lead generation is the multi-step process of bringing people to your website and converting them from anonymous users into leads. Lead capture is the final step in this process that actually happens on your website, where the anonymous users are turned into leads primarily through web forms.

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